In a year characterised by the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, which became a pandemic on March 11, 2020, and the ensuing unprecedented economic and social crisis that followed, NOVABASE recorded a robust performance, presenting solid operating results and a positive evolution in relevant KPIs of the 2019+ Strategy, strengthened its balance sheet and successfully concluded strategic M&A operations for its Transformation.

The achievements in terms of operating results and strategy that we report here bear testament once again to the resilience of NOVABASE’s business model and financial strength.

These results validate NOVABASE’s strategic direction communicated in July 2019, while demonstrating the growth potential of the Next-Gen segment, being in line with forecasts on the acceleration of digital transformation in the World, during and post-pandemic, and with the foreseeable higher demand for Digital and Cognitive Technologies.

NOVABASE’s Nearshore Agile delivery model continues to show its effectiveness, having proved fit in this time of social distancing and work from home context, which indicates that more and more conservative clients will embrace it even faster, and that even in the post-pandemic the paradigm will remain.

NOVABASE’s bet on larger-sized customers continues to prove to be the right choice in a scenario of rebounding investment, where these organisations will be the first to resume investment when the economic recovery takes place. The Telecommunications sector, where NOVABASE’s biggest customers operate, has proven to be resilient in the current setting, and is expected to be one of the first to step up its investments after the crisis.

It is in this climate of confidence, supported by the 2020 solid performance, and with well-defined strategic priorities and an unwavering focus on creating value for all stakeholders, that NOVABASE enters in 2021.

Nonetheless, the pandemic crisis continues and will continue to affect the macroeconomic environment, predictably with greater intensity in the first half of the year, and the global impacts of Covid-19 are still unclear.

As far as it is possible to anticipate at this date, NOVABASE expects some delays in the M&A initiatives foreseen in the Strategic Plan and previses still very challenging conditions on the commercial access to new clients, due to the current restrictive measures to travel and mandatory lockdowns.

Aware of its leadership role as a digital enabler in the development of a more productive, socially just and more environmentally conscious society, NOVABASE is committed and excited with the opportunities for Transformation.