Stock Performance

NOVABASE share price increased 24% in 2020

In 2020, the stock markets witnessed strong falls from March onwards with the outbreak of the pandemic, followed by some appreciation of main indexes in the second half. NOVABASE share outperformed the reference indexes: PSI20 Index decreased 6% and EuroStoxx Technology Index increased 14%.

NOVABASE and the market

Stock performance

In 2020, NOVABASE acquired 300 thousand shares under the buy-back programme of own shares of the Company. As at December 31, NOVABASE holds 676,611 own shares, representing 2.15% of its share capital.

At the end of 2020, Market Capitalisation is 100.8 M€ (81.0 M€ in 2019), implying a ttm Price to Sales of 0.92x.

Free Float Velocity (1) represented 39% (27% in 2019), considering 40% of free float for both periods.

At the date of issue of this Report, the average price disclosed by analysts is 5.17 Euros, with unanimous recommendation to buy. The average upside is 61%.

(1) Calculated according to Euronext criteria.