Activities Summary 2020

2019+ Strategy Execution

Next-Gen: Relevant acquisition completed

Next-Gen was strengthened with the acquisition of Vodafone Portugal’s equity stake in Celfocus, for an initial price of 20 M€ subject to adjustments.

Full ownership of Celfocus is key to NOVABASE’s strategy of becoming an “Next-Gen IT Services Company”, enabling the Group to allocate resources and explore synergies in a more efficient way.

Value Portfolio: Generating value to fund Next-Gen

NOVABASE continued successfully delivering on its strategy, with the sales of Collab and GTE Business (1), which combined represented a divestment of over 60% of the Value Portfolio segment revenues (2):

  • Sale of NOVABASE’s equity stake in Collab to the swedish Netadmin System I Sverige AB, for a 2019 Price to Sales multiple of 0.92x, subject to adjustments;
  • Adjustment to consideration on the sale of GTE Business, raising the 2019 Price to Sales multiple of this transaction to 1.12x.


Strong performance despite the pandemic

2020 was marked by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. An agile decision-making process allowed NOVABASE to rapidly adapt processes and action plans in response to the pandemic, ending 2020 with a double-digit growth in Turnover, solid operating results and a positive evolution in relevant KPIs of the 2019+ Strategy. NOVABASE also believes that its strategy will not be affected, in fact, the pandemic may even pave the way towards an acceleration of the digital economy, where the Company will have a relevant role.

Our chairman meeting the Portuguese President

Press zone

NOVABASE on the News

  • 3/11 || NOVABASE re-entered PSI20 as of March, 23.
  • 4/23 || NOVABASE President Luís Salvado met with the President of Portugal, to discuss the impact of the pandemic and prospects on IT sector.
  • 7/6 || Euronext Lisbon CEO congratulated NOVABASE for its 20 years of stock market, marked by the adherence to good practices, resilience and ability to reinvent itself.
  • 7/9 || NOVABASE was awarded as the most innovative company in people management by the Human Resources Portugal Magazine, for the 2nd year in a row.
  • 10/28 || NOVABASE Shareholders Agreement Subscribers reported the intention to propose Luís Salvado as Chairman and CEO for the next mandate (2021 to 2023).
Our award from the HR Magazine

(1) Accounted in 2019.

(2) Baseline 2018 (previous to Strategic Update 2019+).