CEO’s Message

CEO João Nuno
João Nuno da Silva Bento

Dear Shareholders,

I am truly proud of the work done by the entire community of the NOVABASE Group in 2020!

Our 2020 results largely surpassed expectations in a very difficult year. NOVABASE showed maturity and resilience, coming together as one to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am also truly satisfied, at the end of this term of office, for delivering a NOVABASE which is focused on executing its strategy, is more sustainable and knows exactly where it is headed.

I would like to have done even more from the standpoint of transformation, but the pandemic did not facilitate these efforts.

Allow me to highlight several goals achieved in 2020:

Integration of Next-Gen business – After acquiring the stake in Celfocus held by our partner and customer Vodafone, we integrated the vertical areas of Telecommunications and Financial Services to create the hub for the Next-Gen segment;

Robust growth in Turnover – NOVABASE grew 9.9%, with the Next-Gen segment up 11,1%, thereby reaffirming our Next-Gen volume goal for 2023;

Improved Profitability – EBITDA as a percentage was 9.5%, validating our focus on segments with higher profitability and investments in strategic initiatives;

Creation of Value for shareholders – NOVABASE share price in 2020 increased 24%, comparing positively against reference indices (PSI20: -6% and STOXX: 14%);

Management of COVID-19 crisis – We reacted swiftly and earned the trust of our community, as clearly demonstrated in surveys (98% are confident in NOVABASE’s leadership in making the right decisions; 83% are very or extremely trusting).

Since this is the last year of the 2018-2020 term of office, I would also like to share some remarks about this period.

Today’s NOVABASE is a company transformed compared to what it was in May 2018, when the current Board of Directors’ term of office began. Its strategy is clear, shared and known by all stakeholders. It completely controls its strategic assets, and has clear goals set for each one.

Its driver of growth is focused on an expanding market segment, while it grows organically above the market.

Today’s NOVABASE is a sustainable company. It is a leader in developing talent, with a sound financial standing and improved risk profile. It cultivates a culture of equality and diversity.

This term of office has been a time of transformation. The groundwork has been laid for NOVABASE to assert itself in the Next-Gen segment. There is still much more to do, but with courage, dedication and talent, NOVABASE will continue to thrive.

Thank you for your continued support.


João Nuno Bento