Chairman’s Message

Chairman Luís Salvado
Luís Paulo Cardoso Salvado

Dear Shareholders,

The progress we achieved in 2020 was clearly positive, even though the year was marked by COVID-19. This was only made possible by the commitment of the entire NOVABASE team, to whom I give my thanks.

We successfully wrapped up three strategic M&As, particularly our acquisition of a 100% stake in Celfocus – which allowed us to accelerate our transformation of the Next-Gen business – and had sound financial performance.

These results bear out the Board of Directors’ strategic focus and prove the valorisation potential of our assets.

We created the Pandemic Task Force, efficiently addressing the numerous challenges which arose, and always putting the safety and health of people first.

We updated policies and regulations to improve transparency, oversight procedures, corporate governance and the creation of sustained value.

We celebrated 20 years on the stock market, and were congratulated by Euronext Lisbon for our best practices, resilience and ability to reinvent ourselves over this time. We re-entered the PSI20 and our stock went up 24%, well above this index and the Eurostoxx Technology index.

The transformation we have started is now underway, while the path we have taken gives us confidence. Nevertheless, we still face tremendous challenges ahead. Winning new clients of size, above all in the European area, together with attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly more competitive market are just some examples.

The greatest challenge, however, will be achieving our immense potential. This will require changes – some profound – from adopting new organizational models to overhauling mindsets and even our own ecosystem.

This will take courage, a willingness to take risks and great determination. These ingredients are part of our history and, I believe, will also be part of NOVABASE’s future!

Luís Salvado