Information regarding Standards / Directives

Given the size of the NOVABASE Group, the nature of its activities, its business model and the industries in which the Group operates, no formal policies were approved regarding all the aspects listed in number 2 of Article 508-G of the Commercial Companies Code.

Nevertheless, NOVABASE Group is governed in the various areas of its activity by applicable legislation and regulations, and relevant recommendations from the Portuguese Securities Market Commission and other national and international entities.

NOVABASE Group has also internally adopted certain reference documents, diligence systems and processes regarding practices to adopt in certain areas, taking into consideration the Group and its needs, along with its employees, professionals and other stakeholders, with the underlying aim of ensuring sustainable growth. NOVABASE Group companies are also subject to various types of internal and external audits.

As such, below we list the main aspects, documents, practices and processes implemented by NOVABASE Group and that it believes have a non-financial impact on the Group, namely in terms of the environment, society, labour, gender equality and non-discrimination, human rights, and combating corruption:

  • NOVABASE activity and the conduct of its employees and professionals is governed by legislation applicable in relevant jurisdictions and by the NOVABASE Code of Conduct (published on the corporate website), an internally approved document that has been implemented by the Group since 2011 with the aim of offering guidelines for NOVABASE professionals in accordance with the Group’s values, not only in terms of its relationships with clients, but also in terms of its internal relations;
  • The company’s activity is managed in accordance with the Integrated Management System (Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety);
  • NOVABASE companies are audited by its financial auditors and its certifications pertaining to Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001) are renewed annually following internal and external audits, the latter conducted by certifying authorities;
  • The company regularly monitors customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of its employees and professionals with respect to internal services and other matters of interest to its management;
  • In accordance with the recommendations of the Instituto Português de Corporate Governance (Portuguese Corporate Governance Institute) regarding the governance of publicly listed companies and in view of fostering a culture of responsibility and compliance, NOVABASE has adopted a system for reporting irregularities (known as “SPI”) that may occur within the Group. Reporting of irregularities via SPI is forwarded to one of the members of the Audit Board specially appointed for that purpose. Additional information regarding the reporting of irregularities via the NOVABASE SPI may be consulted in Part I, Letter B., Section II. “REPORTING OF IRREGULARITIES” of the Corporate Governance Report for the 2020 financial year.
  • The company also implements “Internal Regulations on Business Dealings with Owners of Qualified Holdings in NOVABASE S.G.P.S., S.A.”.